Richard’s Philosophy

The term ‘Martial’ derives from Latin, and, means “Arts of Mars, the Roman God of War. Thus roughly translated to” The Art of War. Martial Arts is universal and transcends through a common goal, the love of the art form. It breaks down all social, economic and religious barriers, bringing many streams to one river. No one form is greater than the other, each should be respected. This is the true path of any Martial Artist. The Little Dragons syllabus is a collective system that fuses different martial arts into one elementary programme. Its aims and objectives are to give students of all ages and backgrounds an overall insight into different Martial Arts and the adaptation of certain techniques from those styles. The Little Dragons syllabus has been designed using traditional techniques as a foundation whilst adding a hybrid element to them. It is not stating anything other than a different approach to the execution of certain techniques. Its aims are not to dilute the purity of those forms but merely to demonstrate alternative ways.  The belt system is that of the “Little Dragons” trading under “The Education Programme Ltd”. It does not reflect the grade structure of the individual Martial Arts styles utilised within the “Little Dragons” syllabus.