Our Mission:

‘Education Drives Our Future!’

The Education Programme is committed to a child centred approach where the development of the whole child is paramount. Young people are the future, it is therefore our aim to ensure the children, schools and families with whom we work are enhanced academically, physically, socially and culturally. Our set of core values enable us to drive our mission as guiding principles around which all of our workshops, activities and products are designed and delivered.

Our Core Values:

Child Centred
The development of the whole child is one of our primary aims and to be secondary ready with a balanced approach to key life skills.

Providing children with a vehicle to succeed thus helping them to realise their potential and have high aspirations for their future.

Forward Thinking
A bespoke, flexible approach to understanding the needs of all learners/children to ensure we meet their interests and cradle their abilities to succeed.

The delivery of highest standard of workshops, activities and products with a view to maintaining our outstanding record of customer satisfaction!

The Education Programme Ltd. (EPL) provides an exciting range of workshops, to help children and young people to develop invaluable and long lasting life skills. We offer schools the opportunity to assess and develop the financial capability of their children, using key skills covering cross curricular areas. At EPL we deliver an extensive array of interactive games programmes to both key stage 1 & 2. Our child centred approach acknowledges that children are the future workforce, members of society and the next generation of consumers.

Economics from Ofsted (Business & Enterprise Education Inspection April 2007 to March 2010) highlights that enterprise education is an essential element to prepare children and young people for their future, within the complex, dynamic, economic business and financial environment in which they will live. Therefore, our extensive success in the commercial and education sectors gives EPL the expertise to deliver a proficient and beneficial service to schools, with regards to the above report.

EPL’s programmes are based on fun whilst you learn, with the purpose of developing their future financial and economical well being, while encouraging positive values of social inclusion, with our flexible approach. By way of a ‘pick and mix’ scheme you, as the head teacher, can at your discretion, select the programmes that are most relevant to your School Development Plan. A full list of our programmes can be found here.

All of our sessions cater for the requirements of the teaching and learning strand of the 2011 Ofsted inspection framework, enabling schools to develop children’s independent learning skills, general problem solving and co-operation, along with the ability to assess their own and the progress of their peers. In Ofsted terms, our programme also enhances community links through; use of ‘friends of school’ groups and PTA organisations, health and wellbeing (through a series of cross curricular links), staff development and the achievement of all pupils.

Testimonials from the schools we work with, comment heavily on how our work is pitched appropriately to each key stage and how it is differentiated to cater for the different ability levels within classes and across key stages.

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