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‘Another highly successful day at St. Mary’s..’

Martial Arts Programme IconI write to congratulate you on another highly successful day at St Mary’s. The Martial Arts Around the World theme was perfectly aligned with our school’s international dimension and proves that the ‘Education Programme’ designs workshops bespoke to the needs of each individual school.

The initial assembly focused on demonstrating the skills the children would cover throughout the day, was effective in highlighting the core values of martial arts i.e. respect and self – discipline. Your active approach to this initial session motivated all learners to perform to the best of their ability during their respective workshop later in the day.

Your use of open ended questions, ability to see each child as truly unique and the manner in which you pitched the activities to the age of each class resulted in all children making significant progress whilst in your care.

The individual workshops were equally as impressive with the children either working collaboratively or as individuals. This fitted perfectly with our current School Development Plan where the skills of independence and collaboration are high priorities, I feel this is another strength of your workshops in that they are bespoke to the needs of each individual schools. In addition, your willingness to link the workshops in with the culture of different countries has resulted in our school being able to apply for the full International Schools Award.

The warm up activities stimulated all leaners, particularly the children who are less motivated during lessons. The series of kicks, defence blocks and other technical moves were successful in teaching the children that it is important to defend themselves when needed and that self – respect along with respect for other people are highly important life skills.

Many of our children have now joined a local martial arts club, enabling them to build on the foundations you and Easton laid on the day. As a school we are certain that the work you have done, and will continue to do in Tameside schools, is simply life changing for many children.

I look forward to the next time we work together to further develop the curricular opportunities of the children at St Mary’s.

Christopher Hanson, BEd. Hons

Deputy Headteacher, St. Mary’s RC Primary and Nursery School

What the Children Had To Say

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Children’s feedback from a recent workshop:

1. What did your group think of The Currency Game?

‘We really liked it.’

‘It was very interesting and fun. Great game.’

‘We enjoyed it and we learned a lot. Also, we like it from start to finish.’

2. What did the group like about the Around The World In 7 Currencies?

‘We thought it was really good.’

‘That it made you think but it was still fun.’

‘We liked that we learned stuff we did not know.’

3. What was your favourite game?

‘I really liked the warmup because it was exciting and fun.’

‘The anagram game was fun.’

‘At the beginning, which was a fun game where you learn a lot and it is fun.’

4. How difficult did you find today?

‘A little bit difficult because I didn’t know some of the countries, but I do know them now.’

‘Not so tricky but I learned something new.’

‘Well, at first it was easy and then it got hard.’

5. What did you learn from today?

‘Flags from the world and their currencies.’

‘Countries that I had never heard of before, and new currencies.’

‘We learned about different money and countries.’

6. Did you enjoy working as a team?

‘Yes, it was really fun.’

‘Yes, it was great fun.’

‘We enjoyed working as a team because it is good to work together.’

Overall rating out of 10 for the day:





“To express our gratitude for your recent work…”

Many thanks to St. Mary’s R.C. Primary & Nursery School for your feedback below,  following our recent KS1 and KS2 workshop. It was our pleasure and we look forward to working with you again in the near future.

I write to express our gratitude for your recent work with our KS 1 and KS2 children focusing on developing their financial capability skills.

The activity based around managing a budget and ensuring the budgets of both the shopkeepers and the consumers, particularly challenged the children’s problem solving skills. It was also impressive to watch the children developing their knowledge of other areas of our curriculum including the benefits of a healthy balanced diet. The range of learning styles your programme catered for enabled all learners to make substantial progress during the day.

The second day based around world currency was equally as beneficial. The children enjoyed the warm up focusing on developing their knowledge of currencies in non European countries. Again, the active teaching style successfully involved all learners in the process ensuring extensive progress was made for all. Again, the cross -curricular element was excellent.

We look forward to working with you again in the future to further develop the financial capability of our children.

Chris Hanson, Deputy Headteacher, St. Mary’s R.C. Primary & Nursery School

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“St. Joseph’s can’t speak highly enough…”

A lovely letter recently received from St. Joseph’s RC Primary School, following a recent workshop:

2nd November 2012

Ricky and Fiona recently visited St.Joseph’s RC Primary to deliver their Education Programme – working with KS 2. The children had a fantastic experience and learnt so much!

From a teachers perspective it is great to see the strong emphasis on Fun and Team Work, which the children at all times fully embraced and this resulted in them getting so much out of the sessions!

Ricky and Fiona instantly developed fantastic relationships with the children, giving clear instructions and being so positive and encouraging during the many exciting activities that they had planned and delivered to the children! This all resulted in them managing to get the very best out of each and every child that took part in the sessions.

The children were at all times encouraged to push themselves but also to be aware of other classmates and to always help and encourage these children which I have found has added immensely to the enjoyment that the less able children got out of the sessions!

In short the children and staff at St.Joseph’s can’t speak highly enough of their Educational Programme experience.

Stephen Hill, Deputy Headteacher, St.Joseph’s RC Primary School

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