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The Education Programme Limited had a fantastic couple of days at Corpus Christi school where are the children were given a taster of our Martial Arts Around The World Programme.

:-) This is the letter received from Headteacher Mr Hanson   :-)

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Head Teacher: Mr C Hanson

24th November 2013
Dear Richard,
What a fantastic two days at Corpus Christi!
Having working with the Senior Leadership Team to identify the need for a Martial Arts club at school, we were also conscious that the activities must be bespoke to the needs of our children.
By researching different providers of Martial Arts and having listened carefully to recommendations from neighbouring schools we decided to invite the Education Programme to work with us at Corpus Christi. We have never looked back.
The two workshops you delivered earlier this year were pitched perfectly for the needs, age and abilities of our children who clearly enjoyed the sessions. Your instructors not only engaged, motivated and stimulated the children they obviously cared about their development.
The warm up sessions were just long enough ensuring that the children understood the importance of a warm up, were physically challenged appropriately and enjoyed them throughout. The manner in which you linked this initial input to the main activity was commendable.
It was pleasing to witness our harder to reach pupils along with pupils with specific disabilities engaging with the sessions feeling that your instructors valued them greatly. Your activities were designed to suit their needs and as a result, they made huge progress in their knowledge, skills and understanding of Martial Arts.
Thank you for agreeing to deliver the weekly ‘Little Dragons’ club for our KS2 children. The take up has been unprecedented and the children are undoubtedly enjoying working their way through your fantastic grading system which links well to our PSHCE curriculum! The children know that only hard work, determination, cooperation and focus will lead to them working their way through the ranks!
Your club is now an important feature of our school and we are grateful for your assistance in the development of the curriculum and enrichment opportunities on offer to the children.
Yours sincerely,
Mr C Hanson





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