The Education Programme is delighted to announce that we will now be offering ‘Dance Art’ as one of our permanent programmes.

Our dedicated Dance Art instructor, Helena, brings along a wealth of experience and talent to our fantastic new programme. What’s more, we are also very proud to announce that our unique dance programme also carries with it a qualification, in the form of a nationally-recognised award for Dance Art. The entire process is overseen by Helena who has recently been granted certification to assess students and pupils from the Arts Awards body and the Arts Council of England. Helena graduated from the University of Bedfordshire in 2011, where she studied BA (Hons) Dance and Professional Practice. During her training as a dancer, her primarily focus was on contemporary dance styles, but throughout her experiences as a professional dancer she has gained training in various other disciplines including ballet, jazz, street, commercial and basic gymnastics and acrobatics. Helena has taught dance since graduating in various community and educational settings and most recently, her teaching practice has led her to teach disability dance and drama classes, professional dance classes within the school education system. With a first aid trained certification to support her teaching practice, Helena has an eagerness to deliver a high calibre of dance classes within schools and community settings and share her passion and love for dance with young people across the educational system and curriculum.

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The Dance Art programme is a unique programme we are delighted to be able to offer, in that it is a fun, healthy and educational activity that carries with it the added incentive of a recognised certification within the course itself. The programme is open to both boys and girls at Key Stage 1 and 2 of all abilities and dance interests. One of our main distinctions through this programme is to allow boys – as well as girls – to be involved and to enjoy the freedom and expression that accompanies the discipline and physical training dance brings about. We feel strongly about distancing ourselves from misconceptions that dance is specifically a ‘girls only’ thing. Indeed, this course is cross-channel in that elements from our Around the World in 7 Currencies are applicable here. We utilise various dances and rituals from countries across the world that are performed as cultural traditions as a key component to get boys more involved in dancing. We believe giving a geographical and historic backstory to our programme helps ease the students understanding and educates them on these elements coextensively. Simply consider the practice and synchronisation involved in the New Zealand rugby teams Haka, the traditional war dance display of unity, strength and celebration. We have specifically designed this unique programme, to upkeep the interest of those already involved and partaking in dancing activities, but to also focus on attaining the interest and engagement of boys in dance. We are actively working to break the stigma attached to boys in dance and are fully committed to using our Dance Art programme to do just that.
Specifically, we will be offering a Latin and Ballroom dance Programme and a Disability Dance Programme alongside a mainstream class.
Our Latin and Ballroom dance programme aims to educate and teach pupils about specialised genres of dance within educational, extra-curriculum and community settings. The objective to this programme is to transmit the techniques and practices of these dance genres to the students on the course. Allowing and encouraging the children to fully engross themselves into the technique and execution of the dances. The intention behind the programme, will enabled those involved to participate confidently in dance and have a clear understanding of Latin and Ballroom dance styles. We will also focus on the students, being capable to create movement independently using their understanding of the dance disciplines taught throughout the course of the programme.
Here at The Education Programme Ltd, we believe there is an importance placed upon the delivery of dance classes within the education system and within young people’s lives. In support of our passion for dance within the curriculum and education system, here are some fundamental reasons why we believe we should get young people involved in dance:
• It keeps the body and brain active
• Improves strength and flexibility
• Builds vital communication skills; valuable transferable skills that can be applied to any career path
• It increases self-esteem and confidence
• Offers a creative outlet for people to express their personality
• A fun way to keep healthy
• Help to meet and work with new people with similar interests
• Educates you about your body, and improves posture and balance
• Reduce stress levels
• It can offer an insight into other cultures
• It opens up the possibility of leading to new careers opportunities

The programme we can provide is a 10-12 week course of weekly classes that comprise of various Latin and Ballroom dance genres. We will educate the children on the importance of warming up and preparing the body for exercise. Our programme will work on a week by week basis and work at a steady and productive pace. We will work on creating a dance routine that is originally choreographed by one of our dance instructors and work with the children to create a mini showcase, to be shown at the end of the term. Focus points throughout the classes will be the importance of special awareness, executing safe practice in the dance studio, compositional tools to be able to create up movement and the ability to remember a full choreographed dance routine. Through our programme we believe we can work towards our learners/children becoming more enhanced academically, physically, socially and culturally. All our sessions will deliver a high calibre of coaching, with a fun and pleasurable essence at the centre of our teaching practice.
The Disability Dance Programme will aim to inspire, explore and create dancing opportunities for people with disabilities and assist the physical and emotional well-being of those involved. An important role for our dance instructors is to create a pleasurable and memorable experience that encourages engagement and participation throughout the duration of the dance programme. We aim to create a real change to those involved in the programme in addition to it keeping the body active, it gives the opportunity for a creative outlet, to socialise with new people, increases self-esteem and confidence. The various outcomes from the classes we would be offering to you and your participants include;
• The creation a performance piece
• The incorporation of the classes around a stimulus or agenda
• Encourage experimentation and exploration of movement
• Encourage team work, cooperation and group skills
• Develop an awareness of beat, rhythm and movement to music skills
• Increase muscle strength and endurance

A strong and fundamental element to our programme is to form relationships with those involved, and to create a comfortable and relaxed environment. Our dance instructors use their training, expertise and experience to specifically design dance lessons to fulfil and achieve our programme objectives. As a collective, we can strive to make a real change, integrate dancers with disabilities into dance and inspire and encourage all to participate now and in the future, in dance.

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