After completing my Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools Level 2 qualification I was recommended to join The Education Programme Ltd. I was introduced to Richard Kirkham the Managing Director of the company, who arranged to meet at a convenient location to discuss what I was looking for.

I find the company to be professional and responsive to my needs (bespoke). At the end of October 2016 I was offered a position at a primary school in Oldham, to cover maternity leave – initially up to 12 months.

During my time at school Richard has been in regular contact with me to check that everything is going well.

I complete a time sheet each week, which the Head Teacher signs and is then submitted to Richard for payment every four weeks; this is always paid on time.

Whilst at the school I have introduced other members of staff to the agency and in recognition of this I have been paid £100 for each referral.

Recently I have broken my foot at home and have been unable to work for the last several weeks. During this time Richard has contacted me regularly to check on my wellbeing.

Gail Hoban
Level 3 Teaching Assistant
20 April 2017

After a year teaching I decided to try supply teaching. I was recommended The Education Programme Ltd by a friend who had recently completed a year as a supply teacher with Richard’s company. At first, I was slightly optimistic about supply teaching but after meeting Richard and having spoken about what I wanted my fears were put at rest. I started getting work straight away and thoroughly enjoyed experiencing new schools. Although I enjoyed Day to day supply work, I started missing the feeling of having my own class, after speaking to Richard about this he soon found me a several schools that wanted long term supply teachers. I am now on a long term supply contract in a school that I love. Richard has found schools that’s were suitable for me and understands what I wanted from supply teaching.

I would recommend The Education Program Ltd to anyone looking to start supply.

Jessica Dyson
Newly Qualified Teacher
June 2017

I’m writing to say how absolutely pleased I am to work with you. From the time you contacted me, your pleasant manner and professional approach secured my willingness to work for you. You and your company have made my time at this school one of the best. A big thank you to you Richard for making my work fit around my life so perfectly.

This may be a smaller agency/company but the personal approach makes sure you’re in schools with good rates of pay and a feeling of being part of a genuine team that support your professional future.

Nazia Ali
Level 2 Teaching Assistant
July 2017

I worked for the Education Programme for 6 months. I found them to very supportive of my needs starting my teaching career and found me the perfect 1st teaching post covering maternity leave. I was in contact with Richard most weeks about how I was finding everything and if there was anything I needed. I found this to be something I really liked about working for The Education Programme as you were treated as a person and not just a number like some of the bigger supply companies.  I would highly recommend working for The Education Programme and am extremely grateful for the opportunity they gave me, resulting in me getting a full time teaching post in a school that was known to the school I was covering maternity in.

Tara Louise Gould
M2 Grade Class Room Teacher
March 2017


The Education Programme are such a pleasure to work with. The company is very professional and compassionate as they care about every individual employee. EPL understand the needs of their employees, they have always made sure I am comfortable and happy with what I am doing. From the moment I joined the company, Richard has been fantastic, I never hesitate to contact Richard about anything as he is so supportive and understanding. I can honestly say it is the best company I have worked for as it has real heart and soul. Thank you Richard and the EPL team for such a warm welcome.

Wajiha Ali
Level 2 Teaching Assistant
July 2017

I am so pleased that I signed up with EPL because they offer a personal service. Richard is efficient, friendly and he puts the needs of his staff first. He is always available to talk or he will ring you back as soon as possible if he sees a missed call. He rings to ensure everything is ok. It is an all-round great agency.

Rachel Fallows
M4 Grade Class Room Teacher
August 2017

The Education Programme is a professional and organised company to work for. The support I received from everyone within the company has been outstanding and I cannot emphasise how helpful and friendly they have been. Any questions or queries I had were answered efficiently and effectively. The company found work which suited me consistently and this has allowed me to gain confidence in my own teaching ability. I would highly recommend this company to anybody wanting to work on supply. I cannot put into words how much I appreciate all the support and help you have offered me these past 5 months.

Thank you for everything you have done for me. I will defiantly be spreading the word about the company
Kind regards

Faye Cherowbrier
M2 Grade Class Room Teacher
January 2017

EPL have continually delivered a high standard of professionalism during my time with them as a supply teacher.  Richard’s friendly, supportive approach is second to none which has kept my mind at ease, altogether an absolute pleasure to work for.  I would highly recommend this company to anyone who is seeking work on supply as they strive to make your experience as smooth and carefree as possible.  Keep up the good work The Education Programme

Daniel Ridding
M4 Grade Class Room Teacher
March 2017
Here at the Education Programme, we are always looking for new and experienced Teachers and Teaching Assistants to join us. 

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