The Education Programmes Tuition

Tutoring Overview

One of the Education Programme’s many ‘School’s Out’ initiatives are a range of tutoring packages bespoke to the needs of individual children and small groups. We cover KS1 and KS2 SATs preparation, advanced provision for children with Special Educational Needs (including visual and hearing impairment) and focused half term and summer schools in core curriculum subjects. We fully acknowledge that every child we work with has their own unique needs. Therefore we pride ourselves on listening to parents then designing our programmes to meet their child’s needs.

“However hard a teacher works in a school, sometimes, for some children, it’s not enough. This is where tuition can help. Tuition gives a chance for your child to be individually assessed and for teaching methods to be altered to help your child achieve their full potential. This may be a case of catching up, or clearing up misconceptions, or a chance to stretch more able pupils and reinvigorate their love of learning”

Martin is experienced in tuition from Primary level to GCSE. He specialises in
finding what children are good at, building their confidence and encouraging them
to try more things. He has had some outstanding successes, at both Primary SATS level and in GCSE maths, for both schoolchildren and adult students.

Learn more about Martin’s background here.


Our approach to developing the mathematical skills of the children we work with rests heavily on the development of problem solving skills. All activities meet the requirements of the new primary curriculum and begin with initial baseline assessments of the children from which we ensure they are able to build on their existing knowledge, skills and understanding of all mathematical concepts.


When enabling children to develop their Literacy skills are approach is driven by a specific focus on a range of classic and more modern texts. As with mathematics, our initial assessments ensure the children build on the concepts they have covered at school.

Special Education Needs (SEN)

Our skilled team of tutors are highly skilled, proficient and experienced when working with children with a range of Special Educational Needs. Our team includes tutors qualified in British Sign Language (BSL) amongst many other qualifications ensuring that the skills children have developed whilst at school continue to improve when working with The Education Programme.