‘Another highly successful day at St. Mary’s..’

Martial Arts Programme IconI write to congratulate you on another highly successful day at St Mary’s. The Martial Arts Around the World theme was perfectly aligned with our school’s international dimension and proves that the ‘Education Programme’ designs workshops bespoke to the needs of each individual school.

The initial assembly focused on demonstrating the skills the children would cover throughout the day, was effective in highlighting the core values of martial arts i.e. respect and self – discipline. Your active approach to this initial session motivated all learners to perform to the best of their ability during their respective workshop later in the day.

Your use of open ended questions, ability to see each child as truly unique and the manner in which you pitched the activities to the age of each class resulted in all children making significant progress whilst in your care.

The individual workshops were equally as impressive with the children either working collaboratively or as individuals. This fitted perfectly with our current School Development Plan where the skills of independence and collaboration are high priorities, I feel this is another strength of your workshops in that they are bespoke to the needs of each individual schools. In addition, your willingness to link the workshops in with the culture of different countries has resulted in our school being able to apply for the full International Schools Award.

The warm up activities stimulated all leaners, particularly the children who are less motivated during lessons. The series of kicks, defence blocks and other technical moves were successful in teaching the children that it is important to defend themselves when needed and that self – respect along with respect for other people are highly important life skills.

Many of our children have now joined a local martial arts club, enabling them to build on the foundations you and Easton laid on the day. As a school we are certain that the work you have done, and will continue to do in Tameside schools, is simply life changing for many children.

I look forward to the next time we work together to further develop the curricular opportunities of the children at St Mary’s.

Christopher Hanson, BEd. Hons

Deputy Headteacher, St. Mary’s RC Primary and Nursery School

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