Here at the Education Programme, we are acutely aware that all schools throughout the United Kingdom are currently embarking on the greatest changes to the education system for many years.

In addition to our carefully designed workshops aimed at developing pupil independence, the ability for children to be resilient when solving problems and also to be able to work well within a team, we have now revised our programmes to align with the changes to the National Curriculum.

We know that schools are spending the current academic year on training and implementing the changes to the National Curriculum, and that you are expected to have it well embedded in your schools by September 2018.

With this in mind, we have taken the programmes of study for each subject and divided them into year groups, enabling the children in your schools to be immersed in the content and new expectations through practical Martial Arts sessions and when working within the classroom.

Our extensive PPA cover programmes are an ideal way of enabling your children to be taught the New Curriculum and also to help your school to adopt a truly inspirational and unique approach to delivering it. Our before and after school clubs, in conjunction with our class or whole school workshops are other ways schools can deliver the new programmes of study for 2018.

We believe that schools should design their curriculum to be bespoke to the needs of their community. With this in mind, we also offer a training package for teachers where key ‘drivers’ can be developed to enable your teachers to plan activities to enhance the skills they need to develop into leaders of tomorrow. This package also includes:

  • Training in how you as a school can repeat ‘non – negotiable’ skills as the children progress through the year groups.
  • A model of long term planning where visiting speakers and enrichment activities are planned for.
  • A model of medium term planning containing key drivers, cross curricular links and repetition of key skills.
  • A model of short term planning identifying what will be taught on a weekly basis.

We can also advise on the new Oftsed expectations for how pupil thematic work should be presented and evaluated within the expectations of the New Curriculum.

Please call Richard on 07729 476952 to discuss your school’s development plan.