We are delighted to be recognised as a valid learning destination for the Childrens university. The Childrens University is a national charity for children that aims to inspire young people to learn new skills and hobbies outside of school. Much like ourselves at The Education Programme, we take a very child-centered approach towards education with a forward-thinking philosophy of providing excellent workshops allowing children to develop skills for life. To be recognised with such accreditation is something we are very proud of and delighted to be associated with..

You can visit The Childrens University at http://www.childrensuniversity.co.uk/

In case you didn’t know, we are also in partnership with the School Sports Partnership of Tameside – The School Sports Partnership is a group that organises and oversees PE and sports activities for coaches and teachers in Tameside. The group set the standard for organising sports events and assisting schools and groups with these events, and encourages fantastic health initiatives for school pupils.

You can read more about Schools Sports Partnership Tameside at http://www.tamesideschoolsport.co.uk/

Our partnership with the the Rochdale School Games has been established from the very start. The School Games oversees the organising and management of pupils engaging in sports and athletics whilst at school. Their values mirror our own in that they focus upon engaging pupils with sport and innovative PE by providing the best quality coaching and approach to activities.

You can view information on the Rochdale School Games by visiting http://rbsgp.jimdo.com/

We have a fantastic working relationship with Link4Life and our partnership continues to go from strength to strength. Link4Life work to give residents of all ages from Rochdale and beyond access to cultural provisions that promote an active, healthy and educational way of life for its users. The Education Programme shares and promotes the same Artistic, fitness-based and Sports interests as Link4Life – our common goals and ethos are alike and our partnership is only beneficial for our pupils and friends.

You can get interact and discover more about Link4Life at http://rbsgp.jimdo.com/

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