Its official – The Education Programme’s ‘Little Dragons Martial Arts Around The World’ and Managing Director Richard were observed by Ofsted Inspector of Schools at the end of 2017. In the official public report it stated that. “All pupils have training in the Martial Arts Programme benefit – it is very effectively used as a vehicle to learn about other Cultures, Tolerance and British Values.”

Testimonial for the Education Programme’s ‘Little Dragons’ Project



19th December 2017

To whom it may concern,

The Education Programme have worked at St Theresa’s since February 2017 and within the wider federation at Corpus Christisince November 2013.

As Executive Head teacher I have found Richard Kirkham and his colleagues to be extremely professional and skilled when working with the children and staff at both schools.

The Martial Arts has had a positive impact on all of the children at both schools. We have been witness to a wholesale development of pupil resilience and sense of responsibility which has in turn helped to raise standards across the school.

The Little Dragons project is well embedded with the timetabled curriculum which enables all children from Nursery to Year Six to work through a series of grades linking directly to the SMSC offer at both schools.

The Little Dragons has helped the vast majority of children to develop in confidence through the strong, effective relationships developed with Richard and his instructors along with being able to enhance their leadership skills.

During a recent Ofsted inspection, the Little Dragons project was praised for developing the children socially and emotionally and for enhancing pupil understanding of British Values in all year groups.

I have no hesitation when recommending the Education Programme’s ‘Little Dragons’ project and feel sure the same impact will be achieved in all schools.

Yours sincerely,

Mr Hanson


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